Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Parchment the Groovi way.

I tried to teach myself parchment craft a few years ago but gave up in the end. I had a go at a Groovi Xmas plate but decided the cards were not good enough to send. Since the new year I have made a card for my friend which I haven't mounted yet and the card below which I am going to put in for the clarity challenge this month. I haven't made anything  for the challenge for well over a year.

I did have a few moments lack of concentration as you will see if you look carefully,but like all crafters I am very critical of my own work.
I do admire the design team at Clarity who have produced some amazing parchment work. I'm sure I will get quicker with time and as I pick up tips, but this did seem to take an age as I tried not to rush it.
I started by using a circle as a base and drew it in with a white pencil. I then used a flower and leaf motive from one  of  the Groovi plates I've got. In the end I decided to change the circle for a square to frame the flowers.


  1. How lovely is that! I love the squares round the frame. Looking forward to seeing your work in the challenges, Anne xx

    1. Thanks Janet. Next challenge is to get a reflection piece done!!!

  2. Hello Anne. What a beautiful design you have created for this card. Really like your arrangement of the flowers. Remember the more you smooch your parchment with a tumble dryer sheet, the easier it is for the tools to glide over it. It is all about teasing the whitework out onto the parchment. If you hold your tool as upright as you comfortably can, groove one way and then return the opposite way you will get even crisper white lines.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your lovely work.

    Hugs xxx

  3. Thank you for your helpful comments Emma. The pieces I have seen of yours are truly beautiful, I have a great deal of admiration for such beautiful work.