Sunday, 18 October 2015

What a nice way to spend a rainy day!

Friday was a dreadful day but I spent it in good company at Lesley Buckle's card making day. I haven't done much of my own lately as been busy with the garden. I loved all six cards but like all crafters I am ultra critical and know there are bits I could do better. Painting is not my favourite activity as some who read this will know. The first card was painted with distress inks.

The next was made up of circles folded around a square and then mounted on some gold coloured paper. A good use of all those left over papers.
On the next card the tree was stamped with versamark and embossed in silver. The background was  made up of squares  from a holly embossing folder mounted on a large square of silver. the tree was mounted on the same and then  sticky pads used  to make it stand out.
A simple nativity scene with a moon masked background. I think I was too light handed with this one. it needs more depth of colour.

I like this card as there are so many possibilies with hedgerows and trees. Everyone must have stamps in their box they can improvise with. the deer are a die set from Memory box, they are so versatile.

Everyone loves an owl, and this one is no exception. A digi stamp coloured in and flower soft used for his hat and the snow.


Friday, 21 August 2015

Dempsey and Harriet

Dempsey and her cria Harriet who arrived to join our other 'girls' 10 days ago from Woodbine Alpacas near Diss. Hopefully this will be our last purchase as all the girls have mated this year and should, if all goes well, provide us with four cria next year. Nothing is guarenteed, we only managed one out of three this year. Fleur, who is nearly  seven weeks old and growing fast. Although Harriet looks close in colour to mum she has a very dark brown coat underneath.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

One week later

It was so hot on Saturday we had to visit B&Q and buy three paddling pools. The pacas like to keep cool too and will use their water troughs if there's nothing else.


Born on 30th June

Not a crafty blog but I have been asked if I will post a few pictures of our new arrival. It was difficult choosing a name that we all agreed on. Finally we arrived at Fleur.Thank goodness her mother Kim knew what she was doing.It really was a text book birth and to see her now you would think she had always been there. She was on her feet within 15 minutes of delivery and searching for the ' milk bar'.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

A few I made earlier

I blog so infrequently that I forget what to do and my own notes never make sense. Now I've managed it once tonight I am going to attempt to post two more cards I made recently. One for the arrival of the farriers daughter and the other although not perfect was a play with tonic corner dies. Unfortunately the baby card didn't photograph well.

Janet's Clarity Workshop.

I had a good day today and enjoyed making all the cards even though colouring is not my favourite activity. I particularly like the vase of flowers which I think will be a birthday card for my friend Mary. I know she will love it.