Monday, 9 July 2018

What a surprise!

Not expected for another three weeks this little girl was indeed a surprise in the field last Thursday. She needs to be a fighter as mum had no milk production and despite injections to bring her milk in nothing has happened. On Friday we went to the vets with mum  to have a plasma transplant to try and give her the antibodies she needs from mum. They had to spend the night there as mum's blood took along time for the plasma to settle out. The cria has had three days of antibiotics and is on six feeds a day at thee hourly intervals , starting at 7a.m. And finishing at10p.m. She's weighed 4.5 kg. Then on Sunday we had a 9kg girl cria. Looking like little and large in the field.

1 comment:

  1. Both Cria look lovely, I hope the little one makes good progress x